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Independent Broker to Help You….

I make Medicare/Medicaid easy for you. I shop ALL the carriers and EVERY plan. If I can’t improve your current plan, then stay with what you have. Perhaps you are paying for insulin. Wouldn’t it be nice to know of a carrier where it’s $0 cost? Or your prescriptions are very expensive and you could cut the price in half because every plan is different. Or maybe you need a hearing aid in 2021, so wouldn’t it be nice who offers the best value? Would you like to add deep teeth cleaning for free?

I am here to help you. I get paid by the carrier and it’s the same amount with all the carriers so our interest is to put you with the best carrier for YOUR situation. Everyone has different needs.

New to Medicare?

Medicare is confusing for everyone and we have seen the stacks of mail people receive. It’s crazy! However, celebrate! The best part of qualifying for Medicare is the incredible healthcare coverge you will receive.

In about 10 minutes on the phone or in-person, I can quickly narrow it down to what works best for you. I work with every carrier and every plan that is offered in California.

Your choice is to either do a Medicare Supplement (aka Medigap) that allows you to go to any Doctor in the country that accepts Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan that is an HMO and you need to be in a medical group network of Doctors.

If you have not gotten your Medicare ID card, with Parts A&B, then you will need to contact Social Security office at 1-800-772-1213. You can also go in person to a local office or do it online in about 20 minutes at-

Medicare starts the first of your birthday month, not on your Birthday or the following month. For example, if your birthday is October 23rd, then, 10/1 is when you will be ready to go.

To sign up for a Medicare Advantage or Supplement (aka Medigap) plan, that is where I can help you. We will discuss your prescriptions and doctors, pros and cons of the differences and then recommend a carrier and a plan that works best for your needs. This is all done quickly and you don’t even have to leave your home. I make house calls, can meet you at a Starbucks or can I sign up with me via online!
Also, working with me does not cost you a penny.  I get paid by the insurance company and YOU GET THE BENEFIT OF A 15 YR MEDICARE EXPERIENCED AGENT.

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