Employee Health Benefits

The right plan for the right price

Get health care that’s cost effective and convenient for your small business with up to 100 employees.

Enjoy savings on the cost of care for your employees’ benefits. Plus, your employees can choose from up to 10 plans and get personalized care through our strong provider networks, including MinuteClinic® locations within CVS® HealthHUBTM locations, and other in-network pharmacy locations right in your community. They’ll be able to access a wide variety of digital tools and virtual care options so they can seamlessly connect to care. That means even more cost savings for them and your small business.

Simply put, your small business can save more on the plans you offer your employees without compromising on the quality. Everybody wins.

Better benefits for small businesses with up to 100 employees

The right care at the right time                                                 Need help with your plan?
Discover the benefits of our strong network                             Call us for help with any account-related or enrollment issues
Rewards for healthy actions                                                       Local care around the corner
Ask how to keep your employees healthy and motivated
      Learn more about cost-saving options with walk-in clinic services

Access your plan anytime, anywhere                                       Save more with local care
Manage your plan with easy-to-use health app                         Discover local MinuteClinic locations

Are you a business owner or HR Manager looking for options with your current health benefits? Perhaps you are looking to offer health benefits to your employees because you have realized how important it provides in retention or recruiting employees. Perhaps you are a larger business and would like to know more about level funding or self-insuring your benefits. I can help you in whatever brought you here to my website. I have access to a wide range of group insurance companies and can help pair you and your business.

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Group Health Insurance including self-insure options
  • Group Dental
  • Group Disability
  • Group Critical Illness
  • Group Life
  • 401K Plans

If you need assistance in any of these areas and would me to help, please call or head over to the contact page to get started. I would be happy to help! 949-248-3112